SupplySide West podcast: Accessibility and inclusion drive innovation

New ingredients and business approaches driven by a wider perspective seen at 2018 event

Companies are becoming increasingly conscious that business as usual isn’t what will support long-term success. Instead, those operations that are focusing on diversity and inclusion—both in their own teams and in how they look at consumer needs—are developing unique solutions and realizing successes. At this year’s SupplySide West, Sandy Almendarez, editor in chief of INSIDER, sat down with INSIDER’s Rachel Adams, managing editor, to discuss some of the trends that came to life at this year’s show.

Key topics of this podcast include:

  • How the growing vegan movement is inspiring companies to develop innovative ingredient solutions and new ways of connecting with their customers.
  • Looking at the intersection of social awareness and eco-consciousness, and how companies can make more accessible products by broadening their own awareness of diversity concerns.
  • Diving into the ROI of making women an even greater part of the conversation when it comes to leadership and operations, as well as actively listening to understand the health concerns that may spark a new product solution.

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