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Heart Health Market Declines, but Opportunities Abound

<p>Cardiovascular health-positioned food and beverages showed poor performance in the past few years, with reduced salt products not doing well. Despite this, manufacturers may still find opportunities through fortification with key functional ingredients.</p>

Overall, heart health-positioned foods and beverages were valued at US$8 billion in 2016 globally, but the last five years have proved to be disappointing, with these products suffering an 11 percent decline, globally. The negative performance of mature markets, such as Western Europe and North America, are the main ones responsible. In these geographies, there has been a shift to other prime categories, such as energy boosting and food intolerance that have now taken the lead.

Despite the decline, cardiovascular health-positioned products still have opportunities, since it is widely recognized that a healthy diet is essential to keep under control some of the most important risk factors involved in the development of CVD, such as high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, as well as overweight and obesity.

There is a clear movement away from artificially fortified foods and beverages toward naturally functional foods that contain heart health ingredients like nuts or almonds, which are perceived as healthier options by consumers.

Cardiovascular health-positioned food and beverages showed a poor performance in the past few years, with reduced-salt products not doing well. Despite this, manufacturers may still find opportunities through fortification with key functional ingredients, but they will mainly do so through foods that are naturally rich in heart health ingredients, which fits the trend toward a desire for naturally functional foods and beverages rather than artificially fortified items.

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María Mascaraque, Ph.D., contributes to the content and quality of Euromonitor International’s health and wellness research. She is involved in analyzing current and future global market trends and related business opportunities. Mascaraque also elaborates on articles and opinion pieces, providing her insight to be published in Passport, Euromonitor International’s market research system, and the media. She holds a doctoral degree in nutrition from Complutense University, Spain.

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