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BEI Selects La Haye for Packaging Contract

BEI Selects La Haye for Packaging Contract

REDMOND, Wash.--La Haye Laboratories has been selected to do the contract packaging for the entire product line of BioPolymer Engineering Inc. (BEI), including its beta-glucan products Beta Right and GlucoPure. "We selected La Haye for the packaging of our products because of the high commitment to quality and the GMP design of the packaging operation," said Dan Connors, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of BEI. He added that La Haye's commitment to quality issues was one of the key factors BEI considered when selecting a new contract manufacturer.

Mike Maloney, president and CEO of La Haye, added, "Our packaging operation is in substantial compliance with FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements, and we use a pharmaceutical model. When our ICAPS product line was purchased by Alcon Laboratories in 1998, our operation was audited by Alcon and received a sterling review for GMP compliance." La Haye continues to do a portion of the packaging requirements for the Alcon's ICAPS product line. According to Daniel Bennett, manager of quality systems and operations at La Haye, all operations are governed by batch production records and certificates of analysis. "We offer a packaging line compatible with tablets, softgels and hard-shell capsules of various sizes, shapes and quantities," he said. "Multiple bottle sizes and shapes are also applicable."

For more information, contact La Haye at (425) 644-2020 or

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