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Sports Performance: Enhancing Achievements Naturally

Sports Performance: Enhancing Achievements Naturally

Whether a casual runner or an Olympian, improving on markers such as finish time, score, body composition or outcome is always in sight. Nutrition can help athletes and active consumers alike reach performance goals in a variety of ways, such as increasing speed and endurance. A growing trend is improving mental performance by enhancing cognitive function and focus. With options ranging from medium-chain triacylglycerols (MCTs) to whole coffee fruit, a host of ingredients are available to sports-focused formulators. Takeaways include: * Sports performance encompasses physical and cognitive functions such as speed, focus, accuracy and agility. * Beneficial ingredients range from citicoline, sage and spearmint to beetroot juice and theacrine. * Superfoods, reduced sugar and plant-based formulations are all trending in the sports niche.

Table of Contents

by Steve Myers

Sports Nutrition Ingredients Offer Performance Benefits
by Steve Myers

Marketing Strategies for Sports Performance Brands
by Ginger Schlueter

Formulation of Carbohydrates in Sports Nutrition Applications
by Hiroki Himeno, Ph.D.

Plant-Based Extracts Offer Distinctive Benefits
by Shaheen Majeed

Biotech Entering the Sports Nutrition Market
by Sudhir Ahluwalia


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