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Women’s health for every life stage – digital magazine

Women’s health for every life stage – digital magazine
Women are a formidable consumer force, influencing product trends at all ages. Their nutritional needs vary throughout life, particularly around pregnancy and menopause. Active women may be looking for sports support, while others—young and old—seek products offering potential beauty benefits. Many ingredients are anchoring formulations, including omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, botanicals, proteins, vitamins, minerals and more. Additional considerations include permissible claims language, as well as finding a balance appealing to women without stereotyping them.

Takeaways for Your Business:

• Sales of pre- and postnatal supplements increased from US$602 million in 2014 to $724 million in 2018.
• The average age of menopause is 51, but women may reach the phase in their 30s or their 60s.
• Women’s wellness purchases are largely guided by price/quality, the five senses and logic.

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