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Organic & Natural Health Shows Escalating Growth In Membership, Research and Consumer Education

The third annual Organic & Natural Health Association national conference took place Jan. 23-24 at the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Myers, Florida, with 64 members and guests in attendance.

The third annual Organic & Natural Health Association national conference took place Jan. 23-24 at the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Myers, Florida, with 64 members and guests in attendance.

Dr. Joseph Mercola keynoted the conference educating the audience on effective health strategies and how to reduce risks from environmental toxins, including electromagnetic fields. Topics covered by industry expert panelists included discussions on toxins, testing and remedies, the microbiome, emerging markets and the politics and practicality of organic certification.

Numbers and stats stole the spotlight at the conference, as the list of accomplishments were many for Organic & Natural Health, both as seen in the growth and outreach of the organization, as well as consumer education and research objectives obtained through research partner, GrassrootsHealth:
• 30: the number of members gained since the organization was founded three years ago;
• 75: the percentage of manufacturer and ingredient supply members participating in the glyphosate testing program;
• 21: the number of ingredients and products evaluated in Organic & Natural Health’s glyphosate testing program;
• 40-60: the range in ng/ml that your vitamin D levels need to be maintained to see health benefits;
• 80: the percentage of reduction in breast cancer among women age 55, who have vitamin D levels equal to or greater than 60 ng/ml;
• 60: the percentage of reduction in preterm birth rates among pregnant woman who maintained vitamin D levels of 40-60 ng/ml;
• 700: the number of participants who have enrolled during the past six months, in a combined omega-3/vitamin D nutrient field trial;
• 12: the percentage of study participants who have sufficient vitamin D and omega 3 levels; and
• 50 million: the number of media impressions gained during the Nutrient Power consumer education campaign, exposing a wide range of audiences to the benefits of omega-3, vitamin D and the power of knowing your numbers when it comes so measuring health outcomes through testing.

“Consumer education is what separates us from all the other trade organizations,” said Karen Howard, CEO and executive director of Organic & Natural Health Association. “Consumer education is one of the reasons why we launched Organic & Natural Health. There was a void of information flow to the consumer on what foods and supplements are safe, how to know which are effective, what makes nutrients beneficial to long-term health and which companies can be trusted. We are filling that void with our Nutrient Power campaign.”

Organic & Natural Health has a robust scientific advisory council led by Dr. Joseph Mercola whose members include: Dr. Dana Cohen, Dr. Geo Espinosa, David Foreman, R.Ph., Dr. Kecia Gaither, Dr. Dennis Goodman, Dr. Christine Horner, James LaValle, R.Ph., CCN, Dr. Michael Murray, N.D., and Dr. Ken Redcross. These council members are charged with educating consumers and the mainstream media about nutrient deficiencies including; omega-3, vitamin D and how to get your levels tested using at-home, self-test kits available at The nutrient filed trial for omega-3 and vitamin D was developed in partnership with Organic & Natural Health research partner, GrassrootsHealth and supported its member organizations Aker Bio Marine and Natural Partners’ NP Script. The Power of Nutrients campaign will continue to grow throughout 2018.

Organic & Natural Health will hold its next national conference on Jan. 22-23, 2019, at a location in Florida, to be announced soon. To become a member call 202-660-1345 or apply online at:

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