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Softgels' clear advantages — deep dive

Softgels' clear advantages — deep dive

Softgels make up 25 percent of the total market for nutritional supplements and are the second most-prevalent dosage form behind tablets. They can be used to deliver oils and oil-soluble materials, such as omega-3s, vitamin E and carotenoids; and they may offer advantages in tolerability, ease of swallowing, assimilation and potency. Although animal gelatin-based shells are most common, vegetarian alternatives are on the rise. Great strides have been made with challenges such as oxidation, shelf stability and cost-effectiveness.

Takeaways for your business

• Softgels are hermetically sealed and airtight, masking potentially unpleasant taste or odor from fills.
• Many consumers find softgels easier to swallow than tablets and are willing to pay more for them.
• Differentiation can be accomplished via various shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.

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