Video: Neptune Reopens Plant, Launches New Products

INSIDER talks to Neptune about its Quebec plant, damaged in a 2012 accident and rebuilt with new technologies and safety features.

During this year's Ingredients Marketplace trade show in New York City, INSIDER's Steve Myers caught up with Mike Timperio, VP of global sale for Neptune Biotech, and talked about the company's recent reopening of its Sherbrooke, Quebec,  production plant that was damaged in a devastating explosion in late 2012. The aftermath of the incident is chronicled in the INSIDER article, "Preparing Your Business for Crisis: Lessons Learned from the Neptune Disaster."

In addition to disussing the plans and actions enabling this plant to reopen, Timperio disusses how Neptune continued to strengthen its business future during the downtime, including development of three new products.

For more information, check out INSIDER's story on the plant reopening and new products, and visit Neptune's website.

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