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Hemp farming 2020: Can producers make it to 2021 – podcastHemp farming 2020: Can producers make it to 2021 – podcast

Creative, innovative, hard-working—these are the hallmarks of today’s hemp CBD farmer. Will that be enough to make it to next year?

Todd Runestad

August 5, 2020


Natural Products INSIDER · Hemp farming 2020: Can producers make it to 2021? -podcast

Tennessee’s Frederick Cawthon is emblematic of a 2020 hemp farmer—in 2019 his team grew 85 acres, and then thanks to the oversupply and consequent market saturation and price collapse, in 2020 he grew 15 acres. Hear Cawthon’s founding story of how he got into the hemp business, how he assembled a crack growing team, marshaled investors, even cajoled the local college president to open dormant dorms to farm workers during the summer grow season. But more than that, hear Cawthon speak about hemp’s potential to revitalize rural regions, and how CBD has the potential to be the next great ingredient that can be infused in a range of products by the world’s biggest CPG companies. Listen to this fascinating Toddcast with Natural Products Insider’s senior editor Todd Runestad, as they discuss:

  • How his mother, the Lord, the universe and CNN fit into the spark of an idea to change his life and become a hemp farmer.

  • How hemp can be a zero-carbon detox agent to clean up farms, communities and ecosystems.

  • How all that hemp oversupply could be gone from barns across the nation if only two organizations would try just a little bit harder.

About the Author(s)

Todd Runestad

Content Director, NaturalProductsInsider.com, Sr. Supplements Editor, Natural Products Insider

I've been writing on nutrition science news since 1997. I'm The content director for NaturalProductsInsidercom and digital magazines. Other incarnations: supplements editor for newhope.com, Delicious Living and Natural Foods Merchandiser. Former editor-in-chief of Functional Ingredients magazine and still cover raw material innovations and ingredient science.

Connect with me here https://www.linkedin.com/in/toddrunestad/

My daily vitamin regime includes a morning smoothie with a range of powders including protein, collagen and spirulina; a quality multi, B complex, C with bioflavonoids, >2,000IU vitamin D, E, magnesium, high-selenium yeast, PQQ, choline, alpha-lipoic acid with carnitine, coQ10, fish oil concentrate, probiotics and some adaptogenic herbs. 

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