Sports nutrition innovation: New trends and technology to stay in the game

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The new generation of athletes and active consumers desire more than muscle-building products. Utilizing proper technological advances and discovering new sports nutrition trends are important for maximizing results and helping active consumers achieve the healthy lifestyle they long for.

Throughout history, there have been many movements within the sports nutrition industry. Whether for an athlete, bodybuilder or active consumer, new trends and innovations are taking shape. In the past, sports nutrition was dominated by bodybuilders and athletes. Today, everyday consumers are part of the sports nutrition phenomenon.

Sports-oriented individuals include seniors and general sports enthusiasts. Additionally, sports have induced seniors and sports enthusiasts to consume products related to energy, protein, endurance and general health.

Consumers want clean labels

Today’s new ingredients in sports nutrition have also impacted active consumers.

For instance, active consumers want products they can trust so companies with clean labels and transparency are catching their attention.

In other words, active consumers are interested in factual information and want to know what they are consuming. Additionally, consumers want a sports nutrition product that will help to improve their long-term health.

New trends, new focus

Some of the new trends in the sports nutrition world involve using more healthy ingredients, active-lifestyle based products and on-the-go convenient supplements—perfect for those with busy lifestyles.

Furthermore, emphasis on sports nutrition products to improve mental focus, energy and endurance are also important moving forward. Finding the right balance between performance-based and active-lifestyle products is vital to enhancing the future outlook of sports nutrition companies.

With a new generation of active consumers and athletes, sports nutrition beverage trends are becoming hot topics. This starts with clean label beverages. When marketing for a sports nutrition beverage, formulators should focus on no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Additionally, products should emphasize weight management and natural ingredients such as stevia and monk fruit—which are good substitutions for sucralose and Acesulfame potassium (Ace-K).

Advances in stevia technology and flavors with changing properties offer great-tasting, low-calorie alternatives. Keeping afloat with the clean label concept by incorporating natural ingredients as it pertains to muscle growth/recovery, memory and energy are vital for maximum results.

Other sports nutrition products that are advantageous to the active consumer are adaptogens, which help reduce stress, and medicinal mushrooms that aim to improve energy and focus. According to the International Food Information Council, 58% of consumers will not buy a functional food if they don’t understand the health claim.

Next generation consumers are looking to avoid soy due to its effect on hormonal balance. Pea and brown protein are also high in leucine, which fuels muscle protein synthesis. Due to the variety of nutritional goals, intolerances and lifestyle choices, new supplements and natural products must be addressed by concentrating on veganism, gluten-free, keto and paleo trends.

Though past sports nutrition ingredients include caffeine, amino acids and creatine, adding more nature-based substances can enhance overall user wellness. For instance, curcumin promotes a healthy inflammatory response and supports joint health to aid in rapid recovery, according to the Nutraceutical Business Review.

The evolving market

The new shift and evolving market have played a key role in consumer buying. Today’s active consumers have placed their emphasis on ready-to-go options. This doesn’t seem to be slowing, as many health and fitness facilities are on the rise, which means more availability.

Increased consumer focus on the benefits of protein has led to a number of companies offering a variety of protein-based products. Protein filled snacks and bars have filled the gap for on-the-go active consumers looking to incorporate more protein into their diets. Modern-day companies are also starting to adopt a more synergistic approach, combining protein with other nutritional ingredients.

As we move into the next generation, plant-based protein is going to surge. Due to the rise of veganism, many consumers are looking for alternative plant-based protein sources. According to Persistence Market Research, the plant-based protein market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7%, which will be valued at US$16.3 billion by the end of 2025.

The role of technology

As the sports nutrition phenomenon continues, consumers are on the lookout for tools to optimize their health and wellness. One important asset involves the use of advanced technology. Today’s sports nutrition is not only for athletes and bodybuilders—but for everyone. Advances in technology provide the ability to focus on personalized sports nutrition.

Active consumers want more personalization. As it has become more mainstream, sports coaching and online personal nutrition interest has risen. Fitness apps are used more often and consumers are able to track their progress and results as they go. Fitness and nutrition programs are becoming more accessible through virtual streaming programs.

We as a society are now more health-conscious than ever before. Whether you believe in juices, superfoods, antioxidants or vegan protein powders, today’s market offers the new technology advancements to optimize consumer health. One such technology invention includes a vacuum blender which removes the air from the ingredients in the blender prior to blending them up. Ideal for the active consumer and athlete, this product will reduce oxidation and retain more vitamins and minerals. In addition, this technological advancement provides companies with additional antioxidants, fiber and vitamin E.

The new generation of athletes and active consumers desire more than muscle-building products. Utilizing proper technological advances and discovering new sports nutrition trends are important for maximizing results and helping active consumers achieve the healthy lifestyle they long for. Is your company ready for the challenge?

Gabe Rivera is a freelance copywriter specializing in natural health, alternative health, nutrition. Check out his weblink HERE.

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