Shaheen Majeed will return to help lead the leading Indian ingredient supplier, Sami-Sabinsa Group, in conjunction with his sister, Anju Majeed.

Hank Schultz, Senior Editor

April 1, 2024

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At a Glance

  • Brother/sister duo will succeed Dr. Muhammed Majeed, the company's founder.
  • Dr. Majeed passed away last month.
  • Shaheen as CEO and Global Managing Director, Anju as Executive Chairperson

Following the recent passing of the company’s founder, Dr. Muhammed Majeed, India-based ingredient supplier Sabinsa has decided that Anju Majeed will lead the company as Executive Chairperson, the same position her father held before his death. 

Shaheen Majeed, who had left the family company to join Chinese ingredient supplier BGG Group, will return to take on the job of Global Managing Director & CEO.  

“I’m honored and inspired to lead this organization of companies that’s powered by the dedication, hard work, and scientific expertise of people in India, the US, and a dozen other countries around the world,” Shaheen said to Natural Products Insider. “As we continue our track record of innovation, and commitment to sustainability and fair trade, the Sami-Sabinsa Group will continue to work with our customers to make a demonstrable impact on human health worldwide.”  

Academic prowess 

Anju Majeed received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Rutgers University in microbiology and molecular genetics and a further Master’s in biological sciences from Johns Hopkins. She did her PhD. in Microbiology from Bharathidasan University in Tamil Nadu state, India. 

Anju Majeed, who has expertise in statistical analysis systems (SAS) and clinical SAS database management, is based in the Sami-Sabinsa Group headquarters in Bengaluru, India. 

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Shaheen Majeed is based in Utah, where Sabinsa has a contract manufacturing operation.  

According to the company, Anju Majeed has been involved with developing new product formulations and new production processes. Her expertise covers the range of the company’s products, including active pharmaceutical ingredients. She has been involved in reviewing the company’s product processes, getting pilot plants online and more. 

Shaheen Majeed a value chain vet 

Prior to his stint at BGG, Shaheen Majeed had worked for Sabinsa for 25 years. As of today he has been inducted onto the Board of Directors of the Sami-Sabinsa Group. 

During his time at Sabinsa, Shaheen was involved in sales, supply chain, manufacturing and global marketing, culminating in four years as President Worldwide. He helped ensure cGMP and regulatory compliance. He currently holds 46 US & International patents. 

[WATCH Shaheen Majeed here on leadership, supplement trends and industry heart.]

Sabinsa the branded botanicals supplier

Sabinsa is the largest division in the Sami-Sabinsa Group and caters to the global needs of its customers. As it has done for nearly four decades, the company continues to innovate branded botanical ingredients.

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"A priority for us is to find harmony between what Mother Nature can provide and how we create supply chain solutions to rising global demands," said Shaheen. "Both the late Dr. Muhammed Majeed's and new Executive Chairperson Dr. Anju Majeed's vision for plant-based active molecules to revolutionize our healthcare is of paramount importance at Sabinsa, and the focus of our R&D scientists."

The company's phyto-extracts division is working on a number of extracts and molecules, which will be subjects of relevant clinical studies to substantiate their safety and benefits in addressing consumer health needs. 

"One of our strengths," said Shaheen, "is the ability to provide a consistent supply of our branded ingredients to our customers."

The most recently inaugurated manufacturing facility at the Sami-Sabinsa location in Hassan (Karnataka, India), will see a surge in production, again owing to the manufacturing strength that Sabinsa possesses. 

Challenges within India

Climate change is wreaking havoc the world over to growers of crops. In 2023, unseasonable heat and droughts led to spikes in cocoa production in Africa and sugar production in Southeast Asia. That led to a doubling of the price of chocolate bars as brands passed much of the cost on to consumers. While India was spared those effects last year, there's no question that farmers the world over will have to contend with the rapidly warming planet thanks to fossil fuel emissions.

One strategy Shaheen noted was considering certain crops that have been traditionally grown in south India may now thrive better in parts of north India.

"This exploration born of necessity will become more apparent as time goes on," said Shaheen. "Investment in such practices will separate those who are committed from those wanting to simply trade items."

The Biological Diversity Act, which goes into effect April 1, 2024, is another issue that will raise concerns among India-based companies, both foreign0operated and domestic, on matters from local sourcing of material to IP-related concerns.

"Serious discussions have been ongoing on this Act since 2002," said Shaheen, "and while it has undergone many changes to favor smooth business operations, the latest amendments look far more challenging with significant costs."

The temblors felt in global supply chains include uneasy relations between the U.S. and China, which have compelled many a company to diversify supply chains from China. This is of course no easy task because China is far and away the leader in supply for the global dietary supplements industry. Indian suppliers absolutely stand to benefit as companies search for alternatives to China.

"Opportunity is there for those willing to take on sustainable approaches," said Shaheen. "China's vastness and diversity has been their key advantage, and countries like India need to understand this, and offer meaningful economic incentives from both the private and government sectors to overcome such a behemoth." 

Sabinsa worldwide

Sabinsa has manufacturing operations in and around Bengaluru, in Karnataka as well as in Hyderabad, which is further northeast in Telegana State.  The company sources botanical raw material from thousands of smallholder farms in various parts of India. 

The company also has offices in East Windsor, New Jersey, where Dr. Majeed was living when he founded the company in 1989, as well as the aforementioned plant in American Fork, Utah.  

The company also has offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Poland, South Africa, UAE, and Vietnam. 

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