Getting Fiber Right

December 14, 2006

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Getting Fiber Right

Health issues are weighing increasingly heavier on the collective consumer consciousness these days. Obesity rates continue to climb, and consumer research and surveys regularly show that more people have a desire to eat healthier, but typically do not know quite how to go about achieving that goal.

Manufacturing a wider range of nutritionally enhanced, better-for-you foods that maintain great taste and texture is one way to help encourage healthier eating patterns. To help make that possible, MGP Ingredients, Inc., developed FiberRite™ RW, a resistant wheat starch that adds much-needed fiber to a wide variety of foods, while also partially replacing fat and lowering caloric content. This type IV resistant starch contains 75% or greater dietary fiber on a dry basis.

This dry, white powder has a bland flavor, which lends to its versatility as a partial flour replacement. The ingredient is commonly listed as “modified wheat starch” on labels. It also contributes a smooth, creamy texture to help replace fat.

For example, in a nutritionally enhanced chocolate hazelnut truffle tested by the company, FiberRite RW helped replace over 70% of the formula’s heavy whipping cream to cut calories and fat and significantly boost fiber content. Added skim milk made up for the loss of liquid cream. In another formula, the resistant wheat starch replaced 25% of the combined shortening and butter in a reduced-fat icing. Other applications that can benefit from Fiber- Rite RW include baked goods, extruded snacks, confectionery, yogurt, salad dressings, sandwich spreads, soups and sauces, and frozen desserts.

Use is not limited by any of the typical processing conditions for these products. This resistant wheat starch was modified to maintain a high degree of stability under any processing condition, like low pH, high shear and heat, and freeze/thaw, notes Ody Maningat, vice president of application technology and technical services.

Use levels of the resistant wheat starch are often dictated by the finished product’s requirements or existing standards of identity for specific products. “Many times, the formulation is driven by a labeling claim like ‘reduced fat’ or ‘low fat,’” says Steve Ham, director of marketing, noting that designers often gauge use levels in order to meet those needs. Reduced-fat products need a 25% cut in fat content to merit the label statement. Other desirable label claims that FiberRite RW can help achieve include “good source” or “excellent source” of fiber.

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