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Recent turmeric research

Recent turmeric research
Recent research has shown the chemical curcumin, a main compound of turmeric, possesses myriad benefits across several health categories.

Turmeric has been utilized in food and medicine for thousands of years. In recent years, however, turmeric—and specifically its main curcuminoid, curcumin—has drawn increased interest in the supplement and medicinal fields.

This is due to its myriad potential therapeutic uses. Recent studies have investigated curcumin’s potential across many fields, with promising results. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, curcumin has been studied for everything from liver, heart and brain health to sports nutrition, cancer therapies and bone and wound healing. Many of these studies have returned promising findings, showcasing how versatile the ingredient is.

However, those promising results typically come with a caveat; curcumin has notoriously poor bioavailability, severely limiting its promise. Because of that, numerous technologies have been formulated with the goal of increasing curcumin’s bioavailability, with excellent results. What was once considered a poor lead due to its pharmacokinetic properties is now an ingredient that can be far more easily ingested and absorbed.

Now, with the bioavailability hurdle being cleared—and new and improved technologies being tested all the time—further clinical study into its efficacy in treating the numerous conditions it may be able to treat are needed. With such promising lab results, the next step for curcumin is ready to be taken.

This is an excerpt from the article, “Curcumin clout only hampered by bioavailability concerns.” Download INSIDER’s Curcumin digital magazine to read the complete article.

Alex Smolokoff ([email protected]) has been working as a writer and editor since graduating from Tulane University in 2013. After spending five years in the sports media industry, Informa/INSIDER represents his first foray into the natural products industry.

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