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Omega-3 Trends

<p style="margin: 0in 0in 8pt;">Although many Americans say they feel deficient in omega-3s and want to add more of them to their diets, two-fifths of consumers do not know the health benefits of omega-3s, which creates a large opportunity for brands to educate the public.</p>

Nearly one-third of consumers said they feel deficient in omega-3s, which has increased 34 percent since 2010. While probiotics and protein show stronger growth over the same time period, omega-3s have consistently been on top as a nutrient consumers feel they need.

Further research from the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) showed two in five consumers would like to add more omega-3s to their diets. As the mainstreaming of health and wellness continues, considerable opportunity exists for omega-3s to reach consumers who may be new to the space and have varying health goals and needs.

Despite consumers feeling deficient and wanting to add more into their diets, two-fifths of the population do not know any health benefits of omega-3s. In fact, less than one-third of the population are aware of omega-3’s effect on heart health—the benefit most traditionally associated with the nutrient!

Millennials are a powerful consumer group that have been raised in an environment surrounded by health-centered messaging and are a driving force behind much of the mainstreaming of the health and wellness market. While the heart health benefits of omega-3s have traditionally attracted older generations (Boomers and matures), there is opportunity to reach these younger consumers who have different health goals.

While opportunity for omega-3s is poised for continued growth, some challenges need to be considered. Despite the many benefits and the perceived need, many consumers are either not aware of or fully understanding omega-3s. Conversely, marketers will need to walk a fine line when promoting the wide array of omega-3 benefits.

New format offerings, education and identifying the health needs and goals of consumers—particularly those new to health and wellness—will be key to success in this market.

Learn more trends in the omega-3 market in INSIDER’s Omega-3s Digital Magazine.

Maryellen Molyneaux is president and managing partner at the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) a strategic consulting, market research and business development firm specializing in the health, wellness and sustainability marketplace.

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