Collagen: How to dose, who's your supplier?

Imagine having an ingredient that keeps your skin and hair on point, while also aiding gut comfort and knee ache.

Simon Pettman, Simon Pettman

January 31, 2024

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At a Glance

  • 30% of the body is made up of collagen.
  • Collagen is easy to formulate with — just get the dosing correct for your claim.
  • List of leading suppliers revealed.

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The consumer trends and the market research data all point to the continued rise of the beauty-from-within market. In conjunction with this, demand for scientifically validated ingredients that have tangible beauty benefits all point to further growth for collagen.

Florencia Morena Torres-McLaverty, global business development manager, health and nutrition, for Rousselot, which specializes in collagen peptide ingredients and markets a collagen peptide known as Peptan, believes the ingredient’s scope and versatility put it in a position to shine in the future: “As collagen is the most abundant structural protein in our body, it makes sense that its benefits are holistic and this is what we are consistently researching at Rousselot. Imagine having an ingredient that keeps your skin and hair on point, while also aiding gut comfort and knee ache.”

Angie Rimel, marketing communications manager at Gelita North America, which produces a collagen peptide called Verisol, agrees, believing that the story behind the ingredient is still in its early days. “The potential of collagen remains untapped as seen by the 'beyond beauty' trend into healthy aging, sports nutrition and active lifestyle categories. As 30% of the body is made up of collagen, we are on the path to discover more health benefits from supplementing with collagen.”

Formulation and dosing

Formulating with collagen peptides does not throw up any significant challenges as it is a relatively stable compound and mixes well with a wide selection of functional ingredients, which also makes the approach to dosing quite flexible.

“Collagen is very easy to formulate with,” said Rimel. “Not only is it non-allergenic, but it has a very neutral sensorial profile and dissolves or blends easily, making it very versatile. Since collagen supplements are very popular now, we see a range of dosing from lower dosing in pill and capsule form, like 2.5 grams for Verisol, to in excess of 20 grams for other products. Also, there is a growing trend for both pure collagen supplements and combo products — protein blends or other functional ingredients, such as vitamins or probiotics.”

Leading collagen peptide suppliers

Dermaval: Two published studies show a single 50 mg Dermaval dose significantly inhibits enzyme activity and protects elastin and collagen from within.

Gelita: Verisol for skin, hair and nails calls for a 2.5 g dose, supported by one of the most expansive ranges of clinical studies. Beauty benefits include wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity, cellulite, nail growth and strength and hair thickness. The company claims Verisol is consumed by nearly 3.5 million people every day.

Genu-in: Focused entirely on bovine-derived collagen peptides for a variety of applications, including skin health supplements. Its claims include the support of skin health, prevention of premature wrinkles and lines, as well as the strengthening of hair and nails.

Maypro: Provides a number of collagen and collagen peptide offerings targeting the beauty-from-within category, with various claims to support skin health.

Nitta Gelatin VYSE Gelatin: Willnex Replenwell contains the bioactive dipeptides PO and OG, and boasts five human clinical trials on reducing visible signs of skin aging.

Rousselot: Peptan is a branded collagen peptide ingredient that has been studied for beauty benefits. It is available in the three key origin ranges — bovine, porcine, fish — and processed for premium quality.

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