SupplySide Stories Episode 25: OptiGel DR softgel technology for more effective time release solutions – video

A new innovative time release softgel technology, without the need for coating, delivers new formulation opportunities.

December 15, 2020

Consumers prefer softgel delivery because of the ease of swallowing and delivering efficacious ingredient pay-loads.  But, until now, softgel technology as not been optimized for ingredients that require time release to deliver benefits. Catalent's OptiGel® DR is a softgel technology that is formulated with the naturally derived polymer pectin which combines with gelatin to deliver an enteric release profile in a single-step manufacturing process without the need for coating. 

Here's the fundamentals of how this technology works:

  • Pectin and gelatin interact to form complex coacervates through covalent bonding.

  • The pectin/gelatin interaction is responsible for the enteric/delayed release properties of pectin softgel capsules in acidic pH conditions.

In our interview with Catalent's Dan Peizer, we dig deeper in to how to best put this technology to work for your products and answer:

  1. What is this new technology, and who is it for?

  2. How does it compare to other technologies in the market?

  3. Why does this new technology correct for challenges seen in coated softgels?

  4. Is it more expensive to use?

  5. Are there any limitation to using the technology?

  6. What ingredients and formulations benefit the most from an enteric release profile?

About our speaker:

Dan Peizer 117x132.jpg

Dan Peizer, Vice President, Global Marketing & Strategy, Consumer Health, Catalent

"With OptiGel® DR you have a system built into the shell, so the combination of the gelatin and the pectin creates a matrix that is actually resistant to being disintegrated at very low PH." – Dan Peizer, Vice President, Global Marketing & Strategy, Consumer Health, Catalent

If you'd like to learn more about Catalent's OptiGel® DR, you can click here

Catalent Consumer Health

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