November 29, 2021

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It’s notable that as 2021 comes to an end, the biggest challenges for the corner offices of dietary supplement companies are not regulatory compliance or policy. Rather, C-suite executives are facing a host of other challenges around getting materials, keeping their talent and attracting the ever-changing attention of consumers.

CRN’s December installment of our webinar series for the industry will focus on these three issues and offer some advice from “the trenches” on how to master all three:

Supply Chain Disruptions

An ingredient supplier and a finished product manufacturer will discuss how they are dealing with the supply chain disruptions. How is it impacting manufacturing? How has it altered the way they order and procure ingredients? Is the problem more about disruptions in raw materials in their countries of origin, shipping and import issues, or transportation in the US? What tactics are they using the cope: stockpiling, double ordering or hoarding of ingredients? What happened to “just in time” delivery”—is that a thing of the past for now? What advice would they give other companies? How are companies identifying and negotiating with alternative suppliers? Are the disruptions impacting innovation and new product development? How do you overcome these challenges?

Managing the Labor Crisis

2021 is being called the Year of the Great Resignation as many people look for alternative career paths. And stresses on the labor market are affecting even lower wage line employees. The battle for talent has never been tighter. We’ll hear from two experts—head of HR in a large company and, a recruiter in the industry.

How are companies responding to the tightening labor market? Is it affecting the mid-level executives, in your laboratories and QC operations, or among line workers, warehouse staff, delivery personnel? What advice would they give other companies to attract and retain talent during this time? Are there particular perks or benefits that people are asking for? Is “work from home” pretty much assumed these days?  How should companies distinguish themselves during the interviewing process? How is it impacting salaries and compensation packages at the mid-level executive level? How are you adapting policies, benefits, incentive programs to make your company more attractive to workers? Are you developing new programs to motivate staff to come and stay with your company?

Evolving Consumer Trends

It’s not just raw materials and labor—consumer “wants” are changing too! A leading consumer research firm will  present some learnings form its most recent consumer insights. What will drive consumer purchasing behavior in the coming year? Are they focused on particular health conditions? Ingredients?  Are they looking for companies committed to SGR or sustainability? Clean label? Innovative delivery forms? All of the above?

Finally, CRN will unveil some new highlights from its recent consumer survey to round out what we know about today’s consumer and what we should expect in the year ahead.

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