Good, better, best: How to build a model CBD brand - video

Ojai Energetics started with the right philosophy and ethos to build a sustainable business model. Here’s how.

There are thousands of brands in the hemp CBD market. A lot of companies, face it, are run by people who can’t even run a business let alone build an industry. Will Kleidon is not one of those people. CEO and founder of Ojai Energetics and head of the Callfornia Hemp Council, Kleidon lets us in on all the best practices to build a brand and a sustainable economy for the long term? Listen in as senior editor Todd Runestad sits down with Kleidon as they discuss:

  • What it means to be a triple-bottom-line company.
  • Certified USDA organic should be the way forward for hemp—and how regenerative agricultural practices is Organics 2.0.
  • Brand differentiation through technology: patent-protected bioavailability enhancers as well as blockchain.
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