The founder of the Mercola supplement company who allegedly fired his top executives last month after consulting with a man presenting himself as a psychic now plans to introduce the “high-vibrational entity” to his followers.

Rick Polito, Editor-in-chief

March 1, 2024

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Famous for courting controversy, Dr. Joseph Mercola now plans to guide his followers and “billions around the world” to a “new paradigm of how to increase joy in their life” with help from the same psychic whose advice appears to have led him to fire his top executives last month.

That’s according to a video and article from the doctor that was given to Natural Products Insider by a Mercola employee who said the content is planned for release in Mercola’s newsletters. Natural Products Insider was given credentials to access the content on a Mercola webpage. The company's head of marketing did not immediately respond to an email from a reporter for this story whether or when the company planned to release the article.

In the article, Mercola described his consultations with “a collective source energy aimed at bringing self-awareness to Earth,” whom he referred to as “Bahlon.” Mercola fired CEO Steve Rye; Chief Business Officer Ryan Boland; and Chief Editor Janet Selvig, Mercola’s sister, Feb. 7, as detailed in a Natural Products Insider exclusive Feb 13.

The Bahlon “entity” is claimed to be channeled by a man identifying himself as Kai Clay and who also appears to present himself as Christopher Johnson. LinkedIn profiles under both names feature photos of the same man. Hours of video of Clay consulting with Mercola as Bahlon have been shared with Natural Products Insider.

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Mercola has not responded to requests for comment and offered no public response to the Feb. 13 article.

In Mercola’s article, which had not been published as of March 1, the doctor promised to release videos of his conversations with Clay/Bahlon in order to share “the universality of Bahlon’s wisdom.”

“I’ve come to understand Bahlon as a high-vibrational entity seeking to uplift humanity through messages of love, hope and healing,” the doctor wrote.

Mercola went on to describe “a blending of optimal biology and eternal energy” and noted that “according to Bahlon, the energy produced in your mitochondria is identical to the energy that created the material universe.”

The article included these quotes from Clay as Bahlon: “Trust is intrinsic. Confidence is action. [It’s] difficult to have confidence if you don't have trust. But you can muster confidence even when you don't entirely trust yourself because confidence is situational. Trust is systemic.”

In his article, Mercola declared “initial skepticism,” but went on to note that “after months of daily conversations, I can now attest to the authenticity and wisdom of Bahlon's insights.” Later, Mercola admonished his followers, “Be discerning with information sources — Avoid seeking advice from untrustworthy sources, as bad information typically brings nothing but chaos and confusion.”

In hours of video of Mercola’s consultations with the purported psychic, Natural Products Insider found exchanges that ranged from mundane advice about Mercola’s dog to spiritual ramblings and consultations directly related to how the Mercola business would be run, including firing the executives and installing the new leadership.

Some of the topics and discussion in the videos are plainly bizarre. Among other things, Mercola discussed injecting CO2 into his rectum and cited conjecture that “it treats SARS COVID 2.”

Other conversations focused on whether a person’s mind is “in the thimble” or “in the ocean,” and how they could be in a “bubble” of energy that requires “grappling hooks” to penetrate.

Mercola also asked about accumulating vaguely described “guides,” which can number in the hundreds, and Clay/Bahlon spoke of the new CEO Laura Berry as being connected to a particularly ancient entity. At times, Mercola, a trained osteopathic doctor, asked Clay/Bahlon for health/medical advice.

Berry has not responded to emailed requests for comment.

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