Discovering the absorption profile of a phospholipid-enhanced fish oil – webinar

A new study compares the bioavailability of EPA and DHA in a phospholipid-enhanced fish oil to krill oil.

August 17, 2023

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Date: Aug 24, 2023

Duration: 1 Hr

At a Glance

  • Gain insights on recommended intakes for EPA and DHA
  • Learn why not all formulations of EPA and DHA supplements are equally bioavailable.
  • Understand how the absorption profiles of these two ingredients differed, with a higher and earlier peak for PEFO.

Adequate consumption of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is associated with favorable health outcomes, but 90% of U.S. adults do not meet the recommended intakes for these nutrients. Supplementation of EPA and DHA is a promising avenue for mitigating this shortfall, but not all formulations are equally bioavailable. Not surprisingly, the market is constantly looking for ways to boost EPA and DHA absorption. The purpose of a new study published in the journal Nutrition was to assess the bioavailability of EPA and DHA in a phospholipid-enhanced fish oil (PEFO) product compared to a traditional krill oil (KO) product in healthy adults. Subjects consumed a single dose of the assigned product, and plasma was obtained at baseline and periodically for 24 hours after dosing. The results of the study showed a similar average increment for EPA and DHA with PEFO compared to KO across the 24-hour period, but the absorption profiles differed.

Join us for this discussion with Kevin C. Maki, Ph.D., founder and chief scientist for Midwest Biomedical Research, who will discuss the recent results of the study assessing the bioavailability of the phospholipid-enhanced fish oil compared to traditional krill oil. Dr. Maki will dig into these findings and discuss the questions they raise. He will be joined by one of the study's co-authors Dr. Liana Guarneiri, during the Q&A. 


Karen Raterman
Associate Content Marketing Director, Natural Products Insider

Speakers:Kevin C. Maki, Ph.D
Founder & Chief Scientist, Midwest Biomedical Research

Liana L. Guarneiri, Ph.D
Clinical Scientist, Midwest Biomedical Research

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