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The dash to get gamers into supplements is on, especially with many esports enthusiasts seeking out energy products that combine buzz and alertness to manage their stimulation and ensure proper focus at the same time. Taking aim at the energy-focus sweet spot is wise, but it’s hardly the only course to this elusive market. Many gamers also seek additional brain power—by way of provable performance in processing and memory—and nootropics have an edgy appeal. Natural ingredients like choline and citicoline, alpha GPC, theanine, and botanicals like bacopa and spearmint are smart plays aimed at achieving cognitive advantage.

July 21, 2022

1 Min Read
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Takeaways for Your Business:

  • Vision and eye-health are critical concerns due to gamers’ prolonged exposure to blue light.

  • Winning formulas do what they say they do, with proper supporting evidence to back it up.

  • The performance edges traditional athletes seek are coveted by esports athletes as well.

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