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Sports nutrition retailer goes omnichannel

5 Star Nutrition is the first natural products market retailer to partner with NewStore for omnichannel cloud solutions to meet new technological demands.

The sports nutrition market has been undergoing demographic shifting that has manifested in changes to product formulation and how those products reach the expanding consumer base. Online purchasing has grown beyond traditional sports nutrition retailers, especially as price and convenience became more important drivers. Amazon took the lead in selling protein powders, the heart of sports nutrition, pulling away from, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and others behind. New brands have taken a customized approach to bringing their products to consumers, using a mix of direct and retail channels.

One advantage traditional sports nutrition retailers hold over the likes of Amazon is education and consumer relationships. Still, there is the threat of showrooming trend of examining and learning about products and uses in a brick and mortar store but purchasing online due to pricing or other reasons.

Not wanting to be left behind in this digital evolution in the category, sports nutrition retailer 5 Star Nutrition partnered with retail solutions provider NewStore to bring omnichannel capabilities to the chain’s 54 stores. The new technology and program will modernize store and inventory management, while offering customers a consistent experience across all the way they interact and patronize 5 Star, from mobile and website to social media and in-store.

In this video, Insider talks separately to both Rick Berger, chief commercial officer of NewStore, and Jared LaMantia, chief marketing officer of 5 Star Nutrition, about:

  • What omnichannel can mean for nutrition retailing.
  • How the new omnichannel solution will improve 5 Star’s business.
  • What is involved in developing and implementing such a solution.
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