Sports science is helping post-exercise recovery move beyond simple electrolyte drinks and carb snacks. Strenuous exercise depletes crucial nutrients, especially in the muscles, and can lead to muscle breakdown and soreness. It is important for athletes to replenish these nutrients and to restore energy, not through stimulants, but by taking natural compounds that can ramp up production of ATP, the energy currency in the cell mitochondria. Download INSIDER's Sports Nutrition: Natural Recovery Digital Issue to learn more about ingredients for energy, anti-inflammation and immune support, as well as a look at the current market for recovery products. Takeaways include: *Recovery products form the backbone of the US$10 billion global sports nutrition market. *Unique carbohydrates, such as ribose, can benefit ATP production and muscle glycogen levels. *Omega-3s, type II collagen and curcumin can limit muscle damage by addressing inflammation.