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Protein trends within sports nutrition

Protein trends within sports nutrition.jpg
Global data reveal protein’s appeal to a broad number of consumers, as well as consumption and source trends.

The core sports nutrition user is someone who is considered fit and healthy who engages in strenuous and regular physical activity. These consumers actively seek out products with functional benefits, which offer high protein to help them build muscle and recover faster. However, due to the health halo that surrounds protein as an ingredient, the everyday consumer now recognizes the benefits and is opting for healthier alternatives offering high-protein claims.

Sports nutrition claims

When it comes to sports nutrition products, consumers find a wide range of claims attractive. The fact that many consumers do not differentiate between the appeal of these claims shows a market for products that consumers may generally deem as “healthy.” This bodes well for sports nutrition products, with more than half (53%) of consumers stating that high-protein claims are appealing.

Protein for health-conscious consumers

High-protein products are not just used by consumers in conjunction with physical activity, but as an everyday product being driven by health-conscious consumers. This shows the opportunity for brands to position sports nutrition products not just to athletes, but also at everyday consumers who are time-scarce and seeking healthier alternatives to traditional products.

Protein source variety

When it comes to sports nutrition consumers, 60% of global consumers found whey protein isolates the most appealing source. However, the everyday active consumer stated that plant protein was the most appealing (57%). When analyzing a handful of these protein sources, which align with the meat versus dairy versus plant protein debate, the research shows that overall, consumers have very little preference in terms of sources.

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Will Cowling is the marketing manager at FMCG Gurus.

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