SupplySide Stories Episode 19: Seaweed's bodyguard is your best friend: Meet fucoidan – podcast

In this episode of SupplySide Stories, we talk with Paul Garrott, CEO and managing director of Marinova, about the power of fucoidan.

October 20, 2020

1 Min Read

Scientists and formulators continue to scour land and sea for the world's most powerful nutritional ingredients. Here, Paul Garrott, CEO and managing director of Marinova, discusses why fucoidan--a highly bioactive seaweed-derived ingredient holds much promise for the future of dietary supplements. In nature, it protects seaweed from environmental factors; learn what it does for human health during this episode of SupplySide Stories. 

About our speaker:

Paul Garrott 117x132.jpg

Paul Garrott, CEO and managing director, Marinova

Paul Garrott has been CEO of Marinova since 2003. His strategic approach to innovation and commercialization has taken the company from start-up to global success. Paul’s commitment to marine science and his longstanding history of investing in innovative research has seen Maritech® fucoidan extracts rise to the forefront of natural therapeutics.

"In terms of where it fits in the market, fucoidan fits everywhere; there's extensive scientific evidence supporting the diverse bioactivities of fucoidan." - Paul Garrott, CEO and managing director, Marinova

More information on Marinova can be found at SupplySide Connect


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