Hemp Collective podcast episode 11: What you need to know about hemp CBD regulatory priorities for 2021

Tune into this podcast to hear New Hope Network and Natural Products Insider dig into the most relevant topics related to hemp and CBD in order to cultivate a responsible industry from seed to shelf.

December 4, 2020

1 Min Read
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It goes without saying that 2021 has been a sea change year for everyone in all industry sectors, and impacts on the hemp CBD market have reverberated. Supply chain gluts contracted with more focused demand, and competition for more limited consumer spending and retail access has been felt by suppliers and brands alike. Not to mention the recent U.S. election and potential movement in regulations because of it.

During this Hemp Collective podcast episode, we explore: 

  • What impact the incoming Biden administration may pose for industry.

  • An exploration of new states CBD regulations recently adopted.

  • FDA, through the Trump administration, recently submitted its FY2021 budget request to Congress. How may that impact funding for CBD?

  • Regulatory impacts for brands; what they need to prioritize for 2021 to remain healthy.

  • Regulatory priorities for consumer protection and safety.

"What the industry definitely needs in the {FDA regulatory] space is protections for the consumer." – Arby Barroso, Co-Founder and Owner Green Roads 

"An increasing number of states have introduced hemp CBD regultions governing labeling, an in some states, even registration requirements. What is happening is, the states are not waiting for the Food and Drug Administration to regulate the space, the FDA is taking forever." – Josh Long, Legal and Regulatory Editor, Informa Markets

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Josh Long, Legal and Regulatory Editor, supplement and hemp CBD, Informa Markets

Arby Barroso, Co-Founder and Owner, Green Roads 
Cannabis Business Advocate of the Year | Championed Senate Bill 1020

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