April 26, 2004

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Creative Compounds

Creative Compounds

SCOTT CITY, Mo.Creative Compounds LLC introduced several newperformance-enhancing ingredients. Citral M Citrulline Malate increasesaerobic capacity, ATP production and phosphocreatine recovery after training, aswell as stimulates the bodys removal of metabolic toxins such as lactic acidand ammonia, according to the company. Nitrous Malate Di-Arginine Malatecombines the vasodilating properties of arginine with the metabolic propertiesof malic acid and has a higher arginine content than most arginine AKG productson the market, according to Creative Compounds. Its Glycovol Glycocyamineincreases the bodys natural production of creatine; its EndurlacGlucuronolactone may positively affect cognitive performance, reaction time andphysical endurance, and can be used in a variety of energy drinks; and its 2CMDiCreatine Malate (patent pending) combines creatine and malic acid, eliminatingthe need to consume excessive amounts of creatine, according to the company.Creative Compounds also offers GuaniPro Guanidino Propionic Acid andGuggulEZ100 - 95% E&Z Guggulsterones.

For more information, visit www.creativecompounds.comor Booth #1504 at SupplySide East.

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