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Immune health: Empowering resistance – deep dive

Immune health: Empowering resistance – deep dive
Prior to the pandemic, immune support was among the top three reasons consumers purchased supplements. NBJ predicts the category will see unprecedented growth in 2020 at more than 50%. Immune ingredients generally fall in two categories—strengthening natural barriers or directly modulating biological processes underlying immune response. Probiotics, prebiotics, mushrooms, pomegranate extract, echinacea, curcumin, omega-3, olive leaf and more are among the category’s popular formulation offerings.

Takeaways for Your Business:

• As pandemic hype skyrocketed in March 2020, so too, did sales of vitamin C, elderberry and echinacea.
• Immune health is seeing a shift from seasonal support to wellness as part of a daily health regimen.
• From beverages and shots to fortified fizztabs, diverse delivery formats continue to attract consumers.

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