The good, the bad and the ugly – How to mitigate quality risk in your products and throughout your supply chain

Take a look at these real case studies to learn how to quickly identify and fix a myriad of product defect issues.

Fran Schoenwetter, Content Marketing Director, Supply

October 12, 2021

What should you do if something goes wrong with your product? Was it an issue with your production process? Packaging? Raw Materials? Something impacted by supply chain or logistics?

In this webinar, our expert scientists will use real case studies to educate you on how it is possible to quickly identify and fix a myriad of product defect issues including:

  • Funky Smells = off-odors

  • Weird Tastes = off-flavors

  • Gunk = foreign material or process solvents, lubricants

  • Crud = foreign material, unknown object(s)

  • Sludge = precipitate in liquid ingredient or beverage

  • Floaties = foreign material in beverage

One important question we help you answer is: How much will it cost your company if you don’t take immediate action to solve the problem and prevent reoccurrence in the future?

If you are in charge of product safety, quality or risk management, you will not want to miss this interesting and informative webinar!

About the Author(s)

Fran Schoenwetter

Content Marketing Director, Supply, Informa Markets, Health & Nutrition

A strategic communications specialist, Fran has served Natural Products Industry with commitment and passion for decades. Her present role as Content Marketing Director, Supply is a synergy of academic communications credentials and vast market-facing experience in natural products retail, wholesale, brand management, and product formulation. Fran produces content that informs, engages, and provokes new thinking in a world of shifting paradigms, optimizing audience engagement. Her forward thinking content programs have been prestigiously recognized by Folio, including top honors, best B2B Content Marketing. 

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