Online or On Paper: How Do We Educate Retailers?

Terry Lemerond

December 16, 2011

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Online or On Paper: How Do We Educate Retailers?

I am passionate about sharing all the great information that I get through my connections in the natural health industry. While EuroPharma® continues to provide brochures and product samples, technology has certainly provided many new and exciting venues in which to deliver our information to retailers.

I am constantly expanding my educational website,, to include pertinent natural health information. One of the most popular features on the website is the webinar series, in which participants listen to the speaker and follow along with educational slides on their computer screen as the guest’s video image is live streamed. They can also view archived presentations on demand. People are realizing what a valuable opportunity it is to hear the latest health information at no cost, and to have the option to chat live and ask questions directly of incredible presenters--including doctors, authors, researchers, scientists, and botanical experts.

The website also features archives of articles covering a wide variety of health categories. Visitors can sign up for a free weekly e-newsletter that includes a unique article each week, as well as actual questions and answers from the Just Ask Terry section of the website.

The goal of complex systems is to be like the duck—gliding smoothly to all appearances, while frantically paddling behind the scenes. With all our educational outreach forums, we hope the interface with the customer is smooth and easy, though there are many professionals behind the scenes continuously managing content creation and delivery. We have very capable web and technical writers, an excellent webinar producer, amazing graphic designers and webmasters who make it all happen. I may contribute vision, but there are many fine people who make that vision happen.  

It is one of our primary goals to be a useful partner for our customers. Hopefully, our retailers see that we are offering a wide variety of educational opportunities tailored to fit their needs. For example, our Amish customers prefer pre-printed literature mailed to them via the postal service. Other customers may want personalized telephone or computer-based training. With our larger webinars, retailers can “meet” some of the world’s most renowned experts on a variety of health concerns.

However, I don’t think you have to choose one educational style over another. The real challenge is to adapt to the needs of our retailers and provide them what they need in an efficient and effective manner—and via the format that works best for them. Our job is to assess and anticipate those needs and provide the highest-quality support for their sales efforts. No matter what size the account, these stores are trying to help people with health concerns and in addition to providing effective products, it is our job to provide them with the best information regarding how to use these products to the best advantage. With our wide variety of educational options, we can provide that, regardless of store size, time constraints, or distant location. 

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