Ingredient supplier creates adaptive plan to navigate COVID challenges – video

In unprecedented times, the way forward is to rally together, maximize resources and maintain regular communications, says Balchem HR VP.

June 15, 2020

In this episode of Catching Up, Jon Benninger, VP of the Health & Nutrition Network for Informa Markets, chatted on the interwebs with Brent Tignor, VP of human resources at Balchem Corporation, a science-based food and supplement  ingredient supplier.

Based in the COVID hotspot New York City area, Tignor is in New Jersey side, and Balchem is in New York, a little north of the city.  The business has remained healthy, both physically and financially, due to early protective measure that helped keep employees safe. The company has operations in Italy, another pandemic hotspot, and has partners in China. Tignor details how the company switched gears to adapt to the escalating crises and restrictions in Italy and China, which both became hotspots before the U.S.

Among key topics covered are:

  • How core values, pulling together and making the most of limited resources can help a company survive and thrive during a period of economic and health challenges.

  • How to deal with up and down consumer demand for various nutrition (animal and human) and food products, at the same time the supply chain is being stressed and restricted.

  • How sharing success stories and offering transparent operational updates during the pandemic helped build morale and trust with employees, customers and partners.

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