Varied approach best when working with influencers – podcast

Supplement and functional food brands that work with influencers should work with more than one, and should use multiple communication channels, according to marketing expert Amy Summers.

Sandy Almendarez, VP of Content

February 13, 2020

Influencers who champion supplement and functional food products to their followers give those brands great opportunity for exposure to a welcoming audience, but companies must be selective when choosing influencers—yes, more than one—who will speak about their offerings, notes Amy Summers, owner and president, Pitch Publicity. In this podcast with Sandy Almendarez, content director, Informa Health & Nutrition, Summers covers best practices when using influencers, including:

  • An “assessment test” to ensure an influencer is the right fit for a brand

  • The importance of providing feedback and guidance to influencers

  • Using many influencers and asking them to distribute messages on various outlets to ensure a far reach.

Summers will be speaking at SupplySide East in Secaucus, New Jersey, on “Selecting a Spokesperson for your Supplement,” on April 21 at noon.

About the Author(s)

Sandy Almendarez

VP of Content, Informa


• Well-known subject matter expert within the health & nutrition industry with more than 15 years’ experience reporting on natural products.

• She cares a lot about how healthy products are made, where their ingredients are sourced and how they affect human health.

• She knows that it’s the people behind the businesses — their motivations, feelings and emotions — drive industry growth, so that’s where she looks for content opportunities.

Sandy Almendarez is VP of Content for SupplySide and an award-winning journalist. She oversees the editorial and content marketing teams for the B2B media brands Natural Products Insider and Food and Beverage Insider, the education programming for the health and nutrition trade shows SupplySide East and SupplySide West, and community engagement across the SupplySide portfolio. She is a seasoned content strategist with a passion for health, good nutrition, sustainability and inclusion. With over 15 years of experience in the health and nutrition industry, Sandy brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as a content-focused business leader. With specialization in topics ranging from product development to content engagement, creative marketing and c-suite decision making, her work is known for its engaging style and its relevance for business leaders in the health and nutrition industry.

In her free time, Sandy loves running, drinking hot tea and watching her two kids grow up. She brews her own “Sandbucha” homemade kombucha; she’s happy to share if you’re ever in Phoenix!


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  • Phoenix, AZ


  • Arizona State University


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