6 Steps to Creating 'Brand Love'

Lynda Goldman, Lynda Goldman

October 9, 2012

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6 Steps to Creating 'Brand Love'

You may have the silkiest, most fragrant coconut oil in the world, or luxurious facial serums loaded with antioxidants and rare essential oils, but if people dont recognize your brand, they may not buy it.

Why? Because we tend to trust brands. If we buy one product from a company and enjoy it, we are likely to buy more products from that company.

Linda N. Reuter, chief design officer, NEAL Brand Design, calls it "brand Love." When I told people I worked at Burts Bees, people would automatically say, I love Burts Bees!" 

In the natural products industry in particular, consumers are more informed and look for companies that support their values. This gives you a golden opportunity to create brands that people fall in love with.

6 Steps to Creating Brand Love

  1. Differentiate with a USP (unique selling proposition): First coined by advertising legend Rosser Reeves in 1961, a unique selling message tells prospects that they will get a specific benefit from a product or service, one that the competition cant or doesnt offer. Spend some time creating a proposition that differentiates your brand. The goal is to have a USP that is strong enough to motivate a significant part of your target audience to buy your products.

  2. Create a memorable tagline: A tagline is often considered the written equivalent of a logo. Its a few words that people connect with a company or product. The aim is to encapsulate the unique essence of a brand in a way that will  impact its target audience. For example, Nikes famous tagline, Just Do It" says that Nike is a serious athletic-wear company for active, energetic people. Creating a memorable tagline can take five minutes or five months. You can come up with a catchy phrase right away, or agonize for days or weeks, brainstorming hundreds of alternatives. You can engage a copywriter to help you, as the high-priced advertising agencies do, or you might come up with the perfect tagline on your own. 

  3. Put the right face on your products: When you think of a brand, one of the first things that comes to mind is the logo. This can be represented as an image, stylized word or phrase or a combination of both. But this is just the tip of the overall brand strategy. A brand is a whole series of images and messages that convey what is special about a product to its target audience. Visuals are the primary touch point for any consumer product," Reuter said, packaging and design expert. The right colors, images, fonts, website and packaging create the face of your products and express what your brand means."

  4. Be riveting with strong shelf presence: Packaging design helps consumers identify your personality and get to know you by appearance," Reuter said. "It is your most immediate communication tool because people pick up your package and hold it in their hands. If your packaging does its job well, consumers put your products in their shopping carts and then take them home. Your bottle, box or container may remain on their shelf or counter at home for some time. It becomes a memorable way for consumers to identify your brand over time, building an ongoing relationship with your company."

  5. Shine by telling stories: We are all captivated by a great story, and this is where natural product companies can truly shine. Many natural product companies were started out of love. The founder or a family member were suffering from a health problem and couldnt find a solution, so the founder sourced ingredients and created products that met a need. Telling your story is a unique advantage that you have over faceless corporations. Use words, images and video to connect heart to heart with your audience.  Youll be building a powerful brand that stands out from the crowd.

  6. Inspire trust with consistency: Consistency builds trust. Having your key messages align with your images, colors and package design helps consumers immediately identify who you are, and what you stand for. Reuter said, Consistency is vital because it creates lasting value. By repeating the same imagery and messaging over and over again in the same way, you build recognition over time." 

Read 6 Branding Steps to Attract Passionate Natural Health Customers for ideas on creating a brand identity.

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