6 Branding Steps to Attract Passionate Natural Health Customers

Lynda Goldman, Lynda Goldman

October 4, 2012

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6 Branding Steps to Attract Passionate Natural Health Customers

Have you spent thousands of dollars on your website and marketing without getting the results you hope for? The problem may be that you are focusing on tactics before strategy.

Many companies, from start-ups to corporations, jump into tactical marketing before they identify their brand strategy.

Your brand is the foundation of your business. Skipping the critical step of creating a brand is like building a house by starting on the second floor. You may be working hard, but without a solid foundation your business can crumble.

A brand is a serious corporate asset. This is especially true in the natural products industry, where consumers are looking for companies that match their values.

In general, natural product buyers dont pluck the lowest price products off the shelf as readily as others consumers. They are informed about ingredients, and read labels and marketing copy. As a result, they become passionate about brands that deliver on their promises.

A brand is a combination of all the good things you associate with a company or product. It includes words and images that provoke emotions. For a brand to become a valuable company asset, it has to have a great RAP, which stands for:

  • Recognition: People recognize the company or product name, even if they just see the logo or tagline.

  • Association: The product or company evokes specific thoughts or feelings. For example, people associate a line of pure cleaning products with their environmentally friendly ingredients and fresh, natural scent.

  • Preference: People not only recognize the product or company, but they prefer these products and select them over their competitors, even if the competing products have some more desirable features or lower prices. 

To attract passionate natural health customers, begin by defining your brand identity, and then develop the tactics to project your identity to the world.

6 Steps to Building a Brand Identity

  1. Vision: You need a clear vision of your company so you know where you want to end up. Not having a clear vision is like taking a road trip without a destination. Ask yourself: What does my ideal business look like three years from today? Who are my clients? How will my business change and evolve? 

  2. Customers: Who are your best customers now? How can you attract and retain more of them? If they are leaving your website without buying, what conversion strategies can you use to get them to buy more products?

  3. Competition:  Who is your competition? How are you differentiating yourself from them? If you look similar or say the same things, you wont stand out.

  4. Values: From fair trade to eco-packaging to raw and vegan, natural health customers take values seriously, and tend to buy from companies that espouse their values. Identify and communicate your values on your marketing materials, from your website to your packaging. 

  5. Personality: Do you want to project that your products are pure and simple, luxurious, playful, honest, or hard-working and serious? Your personality comes across in your taglines and slogans, web copy, graphics, colors, images, and packaging. Each personality attracts different customers. 

  6. Whats your USP? (unique selling proposition): Once youve determined the elements of steps one through five, you should have enough information to create your unique selling message, the message youll use on all your marketing materials, including web copy, brochures and the packaging you use to create a strong shelf presence.

Lynda Goldman helps nutrition supplement and natural product companies generate fresh customers daily. She works with customers around the globe to create search engine optimized web content and social media marketing that attracts your target customers.  Get her free report, 5 Step System to Generate Fresh Customers Daily," at lyndagoldmancopywriting.com .

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Lynda  Goldman

Lynda Goldman, Lynda Goldman Copywriting

Lynda Goldman publishes Healthy Organic Woman, an online magazine for inspiring health. She is a copywriter in the natural health industry, a speaker at Natural Products Expo East and West and author of 32 books including Fresh Customers Daily: 50 Secrets to Marketing and Selling Supplements and Natural Products.

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