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How Gaia Herbs set the gold standard in sustainability – podcast

Stacey Gillespie and Aimee Sprinkel of Gaia Herbs discuss NEXTY Award wins, consumer education around sustainability, and simple steps for brands to make their organizations more sustainable.

As climate change awareness and environmental fragility continue to build momentum, so does the movement of the conscious consumer. Today’s consumers are looking for more than a product—they are wanting business to be a force for good. As such, people not only look at the product in their hands, but what the brand behind the product is doing to improve not just the health of individuals, but also the earth.

A brand that has gained trust with consumers for both its products and mission is Gaia Herbs. The Brevard, North Carolina-based supplement brand is an organic, regenerative, vertically integrated B-Corp with a plethora of sustainability initiatives. It is Gaia’s extensive efforts to preserve the planet that have helped them become the winningest brand in the history of the NEXTY Awards (as seven-time winners). Most recently, the company was awarded the Best New Condition-Specific Supplement category at SupplySide West 2019 for its Mind Spring product. You can see all of the NEXTY at SupplySide West Winners here.

In this podcast, Stacey Gillespie, brand director and Aimee Sprinkel, marketing communications manager at Gaia Herbs are joined by Chris McGurrin, New Hope Network’s manager of influencer programs, to discuss Gaia’s extensive sustainability initiatives, including: 

  • The impact that the NEXTY Awards program has had on Gaia’s brand within the industry.
  • Why it is important to educate consumers on a brand’s sustainability initiatives.
  • How ingredient transparency is crucial for today’s consumer.
  • Ways that brands can begin to build sustainable practices into their businesses.

McGurrin can be reached at [email protected]

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