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Muscle quest: Developing products to promote lean mass – digital magazine

Muscle quest: Developing products to promote lean mass – digital magazine
Muscle is at the core of movement. Athletes and active consumers seek various degrees of muscle development, from maintaining ideal body composition to being bigger and stronger than the “competition.” Nutrition plays a big role in the many mechanisms behind muscle building, including cognitive signaling, cellular activation, blood flow and hormone contributions. Exercise and adaptation are important foundations for muscle development, and recovery is a crucial stage requiring increased management of inflammation and oxidative stress. Consistent, adequate and high-quality sleep has become a more recognized component of overall muscle management plans, including supplementation and diet.

Takeaways for Your Business:

• There are many ways to target muscle protein synthesis, including via the mTOR pathway.
• Boosting blood flow and testosterone are promising targets, but research is still limited.
• Protecting from inflammation, oxidation and lack of sleep can improve muscle recovery.

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