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Nutra Products, World Food Processing, Others Launch New Products & Ingredients

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<p>Nutra Products Inc., World Food Processing, Frutarom BU Health and BENEO all recently launched new products that feature vitamin C, protein, superberries and more.</p>

Nutra Products Inc., World Food Processing, Frutarom BU Health and BENEO all recently launched new products and ingredients that feature vitamin C, protein, superberries and more.

Nutra Products Inc. will supply its Fast-C ingredient to Bronson for the production of Bronson FAST-C. The Bronson FAST-C product will be available in vegetarian capsules that provide 250 mg each in 60 count bottles. A two capsule daily dose provides the recommended 500 mg of vitamin C. The product will be launched in the Bronson May 2015 catalog and will also be included in the May 2015 catalog under “New Products" in the vitamin C section. The vitamins are available on the Bronson website.

World Food Processing  also successfully completed its U.S. manufactured product launch of PURISPea proteins, which offers a wide range of pea proteins for multiple categories of product development. PURISPea proteins are high in protein (80 percent), Non-GMO Project Verified and available in Certified Organic. The main objective for the launch of PURISPea was creating a superior tasting plant-based protein.

Another company, Frutarom BU Health, Switzerland, revealed a new superberry ingredient called Incaberrix. Incaberrix is a clear, water-soluble extract that is rich in B-complex vitamins, protein and minerals, and is also high in vitamin C and carotenoids. Incaberrix is prepared from the ancient Andean phylsalis fruit, or more commonly known as the Inca berry, cape gooseberry or golden berry. The Inca berry is native to the Andes, and most Andean foods are historically known to improve health and promote longevity. Other examples of Andean crops that are rich in phytonutrients are Maca and quinoa, which have also been classified as “super foods" in recent years. New tests show that Incaberrix is stable in beverage applications, according to Frutarom Innovation Center.

BENEO introduced the prebiotic chicory root fiber OraftiSynergy1, which may improve appetite regulation and decrease food intake in overweight and obese children, according to a new study presented at the American Society for Nutrition’s Scientific Sessions at Experimental Biology 2015 in Boston. The results of this study confirmed that the children who took the prebiotic fiber long-term showed reductions in energy intake with positive impact on bodyweight, and a reduction on body fat and fat mass index.

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