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Natural Habitats Group Receives the 2017 Regenerative Business Award Prize

Natural Habitats Group, producer of the world's leading organic and sustainable palm oil is honored to be selected as a Regenerative Business Award Honoree by the Regenerative Business Alliance.

Press Release

Natural Habitats Group, producer of the world's leading organic and sustainable palm oil is honored to be selected as a Regenerative Business Award Honoree by the Regenerative Business Alliance. The 2017 Regenerative Business Prize Global Honoree will be announced on September 25th at an awards dinner in Seattle. This invitation-only event is for business leaders and owners working to advance a field or set of industries through regenerative philosophy and practice. 

“The conventional Palm Oil industry in Asia continues to be a major contributor to carbon being released into the atmosphere which has a significant impact on climate change. At Natural Habitats, we manage a 100% organic supply chain in Ecuador and Sierra Leone, Africa. The farming and processing methods, and conservation efforts to preserve rainforest in these regions proves that producing palm oil can be done without the impact that continues with conflict palm production” says Managing Director, Neil Blomquist. “We are honored to be selected alongside this group of inspirational and devoted companies.” 

Natural Habitats is dedicated to improving our food systems through responsible ingredient sourcing and regenerative agriculture practices. We believe that organic, regenerative farming is the solution to preserving and improving the ecosystems, soil, and biodiversity. Through practices such as intercropping, water preservation, waste management, and land use that works in harmony with nature, we will help reverse climate change and improve our agricultural system at large. 

To learn more about Natural Habitats, visit or the learn about the benefits of sustainable palm oil, visit Palm Done Right

Other award recipients include: 

2017 Regenerative Business Prize for Fooding:

  • Natural Habitats, Boulder, CO
  • New Chapter, Brattleboro, VT2017

Regenerative Business Prize for Sheltering:

  • Lake|Flato Architects, San Antonio, TX
  • Permaculture Artisans, Sebastopol, CA

2017 Regenerative Business Prize for Transacting:

  • HowGood, Brooklyn, NY
  • New Hope Network, Boulder, CO

2017 Regenerative Business Prize for Adorning:

  • The Bark House, Spruce Pine, NC

To learn more about the Prize and how businesses can qualify for a Summit invitation, visit

About Natural Habitats USA, Inc
Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Natural Habitats USA, Inc. is a group fully committed to the sustainable production of Certified Organic and fairly traded products, including organic palm oil. Natural Habitats products are cultivated using only 100% organic practices by small farmers in South America and Africa, and add organic credibility to food, personal care and animal nutrition products. Natural Habitats USA, Inc. supports the communities in which it operates through promoting organic farming practices and environmental preservation. The company provides education, health care, and social support to equitably improve quality of life for all stakeholders, from Farm to Fork. For more information, visit and 

About The Regenerative Business Alliance 
This group is comprised of 200 individuals who have worked with the principles, concepts and methods of regeneration for a collective six decades on three continents. Alliance members work primarily in, for, or with businesses, growing the capability to foster large-scale regenerative systems change. The Regenerative Business Alliance is supported and sponsored by the Carol Sanford Institute. 
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