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Naturex Develops Weight Management Concepts

Managing Weight: Research, Market Data and More

<p>Though obesity continues to plague America, scientists and natural product manufacturers have jumped in to search for a solution by researching ingredients with weight management potential.</p>

Obesity continues to plague America, causing the percentage of obese U.S. adults to hit 27.7 percent last year, according to a 2014 Gallup survey. This percentage is two points higher than in 2008, making it the highest obesity rate Gallup and Healthways has measured in its seven years of tracking. In addition, the survey found people with BMIs (body mass indexes) of 40.0 or higher, considered morbidly obese, made up 4 percent of the population (also the highest Gallup and Healthways have seen).

Fortunately, scientists and natural product manufacturers have jumped in to search for a solution by researching ingredients with weight management potential. And their efforts are certainly showing promise.

One ingredient, an Achyranthes aspera seed extract (as AimSlim by Orgenetics), can help consumers suppress their appetites with its high level of saponins and oleanolic acid, which causes appetite reduction while stimulating fat catabolism. In a company-conducted animal study, researchers found AimSlim could help subjects reduce food intake by up to 48 percent and decrease body weight by almost 12 percent. In a second company-conducted animal study, the ingredient reduced food intake by 25 percent, helped produce a 16-percent decrease in body weight and led to a 23-percent decrease in body circumference.

Though the focus on weight management is continually increasing, growth in the category has been sluggish as of late, according to data from global business intelligence provider Euromonitor International. While consumers have not given up on their quest to attain a svelte physique, nor have obesity rates diminished, consumer focus has shifted to other categories, which may not be overtly marketed as aiding weight loss. And while growth opportunities for traditional weight management products are limited in highly developed countries, there is an alarming scarcity of offerings in emerging markets, where obesity rates are rocketing.

For more of the latest research and market data, as well as expert tips for making legal weight management claims, check out the article, “Worth the Weight," in INSIDER’s Weight Management Content Library.

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