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AlgaeHealth Announces Positive Clinical Study on Reduction on Heart Rate During Exercise

<p>Algae Health Sciences, Inc. <a href="">(AlgaeHealth)</a>, a subsidiary of <a href="">BGG</a>, announced today a positive clinical trial publication at the American College of Sports Nutrition for AstaZine<sup>&reg;</sup> Natural Astaxanthin.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Press Release

Algae Health Sciences, Inc. (AlgaeHealth), a subsidiary of BGG, announced today a positive clinical trial publication at the American College of Sports Nutrition for AstaZine® Natural Astaxanthin.  Results showed a reduction in heart rate by 10% during long distance running (Talbott, et al, 2017*).  “We found a very novel effect of natural astaxanthin to improve overall cardiovascular function,” said Shawn Talbott, PhD, the lead researcher.  “The subjects in this study were able to perform the same amount of ‘work’—but at lower cardiovascular ‘strain’ after supplementing with astaxanthin.”  BGG’s CEO, Yanmei Li, PhD added, “The implications of this study for athletes as well as potential benefits for anyone concerned with cardiovascular health are immense.  We plan to publish this result in conjunction with some other exciting clinical results in a strong peer-reviewed journal later this year.”     

In addition, the AstaZine® Natural Astaxanthin product line has attained self-affirmed GRAS status (Generally Recognized As Safe).  This accomplishment comes after a quick series of regulatory achievements in regions as diverse as USA, Europe and Australia.  “We are extremely pleased to attain this important milestone to enable more extensive use of AstaZine® in the US food and beverage markets,” said Peinan Zhang, Director of Quality and Regulatory for AlgaeHealth’s parent company BGG.  

AlgaeHealth’s Chief Operating Officer Lixin Ding, PhD added, “We are excited to add GRAS status to our list of recent positive developments including: 


  • The first Astaxanthin NDI over 12mg per day accepted by the US FDA (at 24mg per day).
  • The first company to gain two Novel Food Approvals in the EU for different Astaxanthin extraction methods.
  • Submission of 239 Structure/Function claims for Astaxanthin to FDA without objection.
  • The first Certified Organic Astaxanthin product AstaZine Natural Astaxanthin 5% powder.”


* Reference:  Talbott, J., Hantla, D., Talbott, S.  (2017).  “Effect of Astaxanthin Supplementation on  Cardiorespiratory Function in Runners.”  Journal of American College of Sports Medicine Vol. 49, No. 5, S705, June 2, 2017.

AlgaeHealth will be represented by its parent company BGG at the upcoming trade show CPhI Shanghai, June 20 – 22, in Shanghai (E4D22) and IFT June 25 – 28 in Las Vegas. 

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