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FENUMAT: A green approach in phytonutrient delivery – webinar

FENUMAT: A green approach in phytonutrient delivery – webinar
Learn about a natural and clean label delivery system that enhances supplement bioavailability.

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FENUMAT is a proprietary platform delivery technology for the oral delivery of nutrients with enhanced bioavailability. FENUMAT’s natural and clean label status is leading the way for next generation nutraceuticals & functional foods to deliver benefits in formats that consumers prefer.

Register for this webinar to learn about FENUMAT and its benefits for health and for your formulations, including:

  • 100% natural, food-grade & clean label
  • Water-based patented process 
  • No synthetic additives or excipients
  • No NANO particles
  • Regulations friendly
  • Based on the principles of hydrogels in drug delivery

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Fran Schoenwetter

Content Marketing Director, Informa Markets


Dr. Krishnakumar I.M.
Chief Research Officer, Akay

Dr. Krishna Kumar I.M., Ph.D is the Chief Research Officer and Head of R&D at Akay Natural Ingredients Private Limited, Kerala, India. He is a Ph.D in bio-organic chemistry with several years of post-doctoral research in the United States on medicinal chemistry. He leads the R&D and Scientific research for AKAY with the primary objective of creation of competitive advantages with the design, development and scaled-up production of unique botanical ingredients and novel drug delivery technologies; especially the 'green' approaches, for phytonutrients, micronutrients and probiotics for the international market of nutraceuticals and functional food and beverages.

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