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Top Industry Happenings

Grain Processing Corp., SourceOne, Others Introduce New Products, Ingredients

<p>Grain Processing Corporation (GPC), SourceOne Global Partners, Fruit d&#8217;Or and Sanofi launched innovative food and supplement products for children and adults.</p>

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC), SourceOne Global Partners, Fruit d’Or and Sanofli launched innovative food and supplement products for children and adults.

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) introduced high-protein Dark Chocolate-Almond Breakfast Cookies, a new product featuring functional ingredients designed for a breakfast on-the-run or an afternoon pick-me-up snack.&#8239;INSCOSITY® instant modified starch extends the shelf life by improving moisture retention while MALTRIN® maltodextrin enhances the texture and reduces browning caused by the high protein level. GPC also announced a new soft-chew supplement. Vitamin C Soft Chews containing PURE-GEL® modified starch provide a soft, chewy texture without compromising firmness.&#8239;As with the Dark Chocolate-Almond Breakfast cookies, Vitamin C Soft Chews contain MALTRIN® maltodextrins to produce a smooth, creamy texture without adding extra fat, while also controlling browning. 

Meanwhile, SourceOne® Global Partners (SourceOne) announced a partnership with Santal Solutions, which awarded SourceOne with exclusive global distribution rights for Santal's new metabolic health and weight management product, LeptiPURE™.  LeptiPURE™, a patented combination of GymnePURE® and the botanical extract Tinospora cordifolia, demonstrates enhanced effectiveness impacting several important health benefits. LeptiPURE™ has also been shown in initial scientific studies to increase adiponectin by 12 percent and decrease leptin levels by 25 percent.

GymnePURE® alone has shown an increase in insulin production at a much lower dosage level than standard Gymnema sylvestre extracts because of SourceOne’s OSA™ technology. OSA™ technology captures the most bio-active parts of the Gymnema sylvestre leaf and produces an isolate with a specified molecular weight. Tinospora cordifolia shows extensive scientific evidence demonstrating its role in maintaining healthy glucose and lipid metabolism, which synergistically helps maintain a healthy adiponectin to leptin ratio.  

Fruit d'Or launched Cransport C, a new combination ingredient to support immune health. Backed by human clinical trials, Cransport C combines 500 mg of Cran Naturelle and Cran d'Or cranberry powder with&#8239;150 mg of Transport C-PLUSTM, enhancing vitamin C transport through the blood stream and increasing bioavailability of the virgin vitamin C by 300 percent. 

Lastly, Sanofi announced the launch of a new teddy bear-shaped probiotic supplement for youth in South Korea, released under the global Cenovis Kids brand. The Cenovis Kids line is customized for children ages two years and older. It is gluten-free, sugar-free, easily chewable and produced with Anlit's proprietary microencapsulation technology that overcomes taste and texture challenges. The supplement contains no artificial colors or preservatives and is kosher-certified.

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