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Applying appropriate testing to botanical materials – podcast

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There is a critical need for appropriate, fit-for-purpose testing across the botanical space, with training on the how an important first step.

Despite the impact on business and industry posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, dietary supplement companies are still obligated to meet regulatory requirements including supplier qualification, ingredient testing, aspects of GMP compliance and more; every person involved in compliance must understand their responsibilities. To support the gap around in-person education and training, NSF International has developed Quality & Regulatory Digital Week, taking place August 3 to 7, 2020. Designed with the global nutraceutical industry in mind, various courses delve into particular aspects of regulatory compliance. The two-part Botanical Identification and Testing Course, set for August 6 and 7, addresses a range of issues unique to the herbal industry. In this Healthy Insider podcast, John Travis, senior research scientist at NSF, offers thoughts around the importance of botanical identification and testing methodologies.

In this podcast, Travis and Informa’s Heather Granato discuss:

  • Why botanical identification continues to be of critical interest across the global supplement space, particularly as it relates to vendor qualification.
  • Concerns around the issue of supply chain scarcity and potential adulteration, and how that could impact testing processes and methods.
  • Key steps that manufacturers can take to ensure their botanical materials meet quality specs.

Botanical Identification and Testing”, part of NSF’s Quality & Regulatory Digital Week, will take place August 6 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. EDT, and August 7 from 10:00 a.m. to noon EDT. To learn more about this two-part virtual training or get registered, click here.

Got feedback? Email Heather at [email protected].

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