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Technology helping brands meet Millennials’ packaging demands

Millennials want convenient, sustainable, informative, attractive product packaging that does not compromise quality or shelf life—a tall order, indeed.

A product could be the healthiest, most functional food, beverage or supplement on the market, but if it doesn’t convey those benefits through its packaging, consumers will leave it on the shelf. A report from Ipsos and the Paper and Packaging Board found seven in 10 consumers said the design of a product’s packaging influenced their purchasing decisions. Sixty-seven percent said the material used in a product’s packaging was also an influencing factor.

Whether a brand is selling multivitamin gummies in blister packaging, a functional beverage in aluminum cans or pre-workout powder in a plastic bottle, these trends bring forward important considerations to incorporate into packaging design and marketing strategy.

Millennials, who make up about one-quarter of the world’s population, are leading the way in changing packaging. They want packaging that fits an on-the-go lifestyle, contains detailed information about nutrition and looks pretty enough for an Instagram post, but is also made with the environment in mind.

Some companies are finding this balance by using augmented reality technology. Brands can reduce the amount of their product’s packaging without having to give up space for labeling by including QR codes on packaging. These codes allow consumers to scan products, view information about them in the store and potentially discover new products from the same brand. Some companies use technology to create in-store games or personalized messaging that can grab consumers’ attention and make brands more recognizable.

Millennials lean toward companies that offer convenient, sustainable, informative, attractive product packaging that does not compromise quality or shelf life—a tall order, indeed—but brands are making it work by jumping over each of these hurdles using innovative solutions.

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