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Aker BioMarine Wins 2017 Platinum Safety Partner Award from Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Aker BioMarine, a biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, was just named 2017’s Platinum Safety Partner awarded by Texas Mutual Insurance.

Aker BioMarine, a biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, was just named 2017’s Platinum Safety Partner awarded by Texas Mutual Insurance. The Platinum Safety Partner Award is presented to companies that demonstrate commitment to workplace safety by implementing an exemplary safety program and controlling their workers’ compensation losses. Aker BioMarine was one of only 200 businesses that received this award out of 68,000 policyholders across Texas.

“Commitment to employee safety has been an incremental part of our value chain since we started manufacturing at our Houston plant in late 2015,” said Charlie Kujawa. “We are extremely honored that the Texas Mutual Insurance Company, the state's leading workers' compensation provider, has awarded our Houston plant with the Platinum Safety Partner Award and we are proud that this incredible company has recognized our business among the top local businesses.”

Aker BioMarine always makes safety a priority. The company ensures that the proper training and resources are in place to protect employees from workplace hazards, which is also reflected in the company’s outstanding safety record. Per Texas Mutual’s feedback, it is clear that safety is a core value at Aker BioMarine.

“Hurricane Harvey was an unpleasant reminder of how important it is to conduct safety exercises and to be prepared for the unexpected. Although Aker BioMarine’s Houston manufacturing plant did not sustain damage, the company performed a controlled shutdown procedure to secure the safety of the employees and the site against Hurricane Harvey,” said Kujawa.

Companies such as Aker BioMarine were graded on key areas that contributed to this safety award including:

  • Senior management/ownership support of the company's safety program
  • Consistent employee safety training and supervisor training along with good recordkeeping
  • Good housekeeping practices, maintenance program and engineering controls evident
  • Above average new employee orientation program
  • Excellent Internal First Aid/CPR training of employees
  • Management and employee accountability for safety is evident

Charlie Kujawa added, “Our people at the Houston plant run complex processes every day, which require high-level knowledge and operating ability. This is why making sure that safety does not just happen, but is carefully planned, built, and executed into our everyday routines, is top priority. A safe work environment produces happier employees, higher efficiency, and improves quality.”

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