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Ruby-O: The crown jewel of Omega-3s – infographic

Ruby-O: The crown jewel of Omega-3s – infographic

As the Omega-3 industry pushes for higher concentrations, bioavailability remains as the focal point. While the absorption of triglycerides, and ethyl esters continues to be debated, the functionality of phospholipids has long been established. Because phospholipids are the building blocks of cellular membranes, it’s easier for a phospholipid-bound omega 3 to enter our cells. Nutraceutical companies are beginning to leverage this science to promote better delivery of their products.    

Ruby-O is an Advanced Omega-3 Phospholipid based on Naturmega’s existing line of fish oil concentrates. Through innovative science, our phospholipid bound triglycerides offer various EPA & DHA concentrations to suit your needs. Download this infographic to learn more about our unique product.  

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