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Chelamax chelated minerals demonstrate higher absorption – webinar

White-paper-Chelamax chelated minerals demonstrate higher absorption – webinar

Chelamax chelated minerals demonstrate higher absorption – webinar
Build better-performing supplements with Chelamax chelated minerals, proven to deliver superior solubility and bioaccessibility

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Today’s consumers demand high-performing mineral supplements, but most standard zinc, calcium, magnesium and chromium ingredients don’t deliver due to low solubility and bioavailability. This is why chelation is key. Chelamax chelated minerals help formulators build better mineral supplements by providing superior stability and solubility, plus five times higher bioaccessibility where it really matters: in the intestines, where minerals are absorbed for use throughout the body.    

Register for this on-demand webinar with Innophos R&D Director Bob Finn, Ph.D., and Informa’s Jessica Rubino to get the first look at new research demonstrating Chelamax zinc’s distinct advantages over zinc oxide. Discover how Innophos is advancing chelation science to verify ingredient integrity, expand formulation possibilities and boost consumer confidence in mineral supplements. 


Jessica Rubino headshot (3).png
Jessica Rubino
VP of Content, New Hope Network

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Robert Finn Ph.D.
Director R&D, Innophos

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