SupplySide West Podcast 28: DEA Definition of Marijuana Extract 'Counter to our Federal Law'

The Drug Enforcement Administration's adoption of a marijuana extract rule has caused a commotion in the hemp industry. In this podcast, cannabis lawyer Bob Hoban weighs in on DEA's controversial rule and a lawsuit challenging it.

A marijuana extract rule adopted by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has caused a commotion in the hemp industry.

In this podcast with Josh Long, INSIDER's legal editor, cannabis attorney Bob Hoban discusses:

•DEA’s definition of marijuana extract;

•A lawsuit filed by the hemp industry against the DEA;

•and how DEA’s marijuana extract rule is causing confusion and harm in the hemp/CBD industry.

Hoban will be speaking on Thursday, Sept. 28, during a panel at SupplySide West in Las Vegas. The panel, “The State of CBD in Dietary Supplements,” will explore business opportunities in the CBD market, regulatory challenges, and recommendations for bringing new products to market.

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