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Healthy Directions to Encapsulate with Capsugel

Article-Healthy Directions to Encapsulate with Capsugel

<p>Healthy Directions will encapsulate its Krill Omega Defense supplement using Capsugel&#8217;s Licaps.</p>

MORRISTOWN, N.J.—Healthy Directions will encapsulate its Krill Omega Defense supplement using Capsugel’s Licaps.

“We chose Capsugel as our partner because of their superior encapsulation technologies, coupled with their expertise and experience in liquid-filled hard capsules," said Connie Hallquist, president of Healthy Directions. “The high-quality, easy-to-swallow Licaps capsules mask the taste and odor that can be a common concern for fish oil products, all while allowing the body to absorb the benefits of this form of omega-3. These attributes help make Krill Omega Defense™ stand out in a competitive marketplace."

The delicate nature of krill oil requires a tailor-made, natural encapsulation technology to ensure proper delivery and consumer satisfaction. Licaps capsules are specifically designed for secure containment of liquids and semi-solids, providing an ideal solution to address encapsulation challenges often associated with liquid-based nutritional compounds. Capsugel’s Licaps Fusion Technology creates a hermetically bonded capsule, without banding, that mitigates the risk of leaks and effectively masks the strong taste and odor of supplements such as krill oil.

“Demand for liquid-filled encapsulation options for dietary supplements is on the rise as customers seek the best solutions for a variety of challenging ingredients," said Peter Zambetti, director of global business development for health and nutrition at Capsugel. “Our Licaps capsules deliver high levels of protection and enable optimal benefit of our customers’ products – which is fueling an uptake of Licaps capsules in the health and nutrition marketplace."

Last year, Capsugel was certified vegan for four of its capsules.

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