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Gamers look for a competitive edge – product development guide

Gamers look for a competitive edge – product development guide
In the meteoric rise of the esports industry, gamers and fans alike are looking for natural products to support their focus, reaction time, and mental stamina to perform at their very best.

Gaming is no longer just a hobby for people looking to escape from the real world at home. The competitive esports landscape has exploded into a $159.3 billion global industry, according to gaming analytics firm Newzoo’s 2020 Global Games Market Report. With that popularity has come a demand for natural products that offer specific functional benefits to give both the pro and average gamer the competitive edge they need.

From nootropics that support focus and energy to products that improve reaction time in a variety of easy-to-consumer delivery formats like drinks and gummies, formulators have a range of options from quality ingredient suppliers to help create these natural products that gamers will continue to stock in their quest for digital glory.

Download the latest product development guide to learn about the incredible growth of the esports industry and the types of ingredients that will help brands formulate winning products and give gamers the opportunity to level up their play.

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